I am absorbed in my day-to-day
I have to remind myself how old I am and where I’ve been
Its too easy to forget childhood and forget change and growth
Pretend like I dropped out of the air and just landed here at 23

No I was a child and parts will come back to me in moments
I think of driving through the Peninsula
Walking through the thick green Ohio parks
I always had this sense that my home was not a special place
that there were bigger and better places far away
But no matter where I go or what I see
Every time I drive through Cuyahoga
And feel the deep cool breeze, dense with life and the smells of cycle

I’m reminded of my days with my dad hiking through the valleys
the conversations in the woods
the smiling people walking by
I’m reminded of where I came from
I’m reminded that I was a kid not too long ago
I’m reminded that some things can just remain while I only grow through them

My home is the most beautiful place I can imagine
I cant feel this all the time
But I feel lucky to have these moments in my home in the Ohio woods
Where I know that I am one small and absurd and perfect thing moving through a life that is worth living

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